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AN: Yeah so… been super busy. RL blah blah… Not my favorite chapter, but here it is.

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Skeleton Key – Chapter Four: Inntreadh

A/N: Holy tomatoes. Has it really been that long? Another Denver Comic Con in the bag. Yay! Meanwhile, RL has slapped me around so badly. I hate this chapter. It has kept me up at night, and I can't seem to make it right. It'll get better. I think. Anyhow, here is the fourth installment of The Skeleton Key.

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Skeleton Key - Chapter Three: A Fuadaíodh

A/N: Sooo, um, yeah. It's been quite awhile since I've updated! Sorry 'bout that, kids. It's been rough! Hopefully, I won't take too long before the next chappie, but Denver Comic Con is closing in on me, and I'll have to work even more than usual. For now… enjoy a kinda short Chapter Three: A Fuadaíodh (Abducted)

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Skeleton Key - Chapter Two: Sìnteag

A/N: It feels so good to get this story off my hard drive! You wouldn't believe how crazy this story makes me feel. I'm actually paring down and combining about 3 stories into one compact piece. I also don't want it to be a million chapters. Generally, I dislike origin stories, but I couldn't get this one out of my head. So, yeah. Here's another chapter.

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John Sheppard disappeared from the planet 5 years ago. Today, the 'gate opened.

A/N: Okay, that summary isn't the best, and it might change later. So.... Yeah. This is a fic that has been rolling around my hard drive for about 4 years, and I'm finally getting around to completing and posting it. I will say this: I will likely post it slowly, so you may have to poke me a few times. This is a vast alternate history that will use some canon references, but only loosely. I've created a past for John that's so not canon, including parental units, which will be the first two chapters. You have been warned!

Special thanks to susnn because she's relentless! LOL So here it is, my AU love letter to SGA.

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Top 10 AO3 fics

Snerched from kristen999... I sure wish I was as prolific as I used to be! That may be changing soon. I hope.

839 hits - Lost and Found Gen. When his injured and stubborn CO miraculously turns up at the Alpha site, Lieutenant Meade finds out first-hand why John Sheppard is so deeply respected by his men. Missing scene for Need You Around.

803 hits - Five Times Mr Woolsey Thought He Saw Something ...And One Time He Did. As a long-time observer of human behavior, Richard Woolsey couldn't help being intrigued. It was either that, or break up the inevitable brawl. McSheppy-ness, and I had a lot of fun writing it.

778 hits - Need You Around Gen. Rodney brings John to Earth to recover. Won't Jeannie be surprised! Self-indulgent h/c. Don't know why the missing scene has more hits than the actual story LOL

615 hits - Fall There's more than one way to claim your lover. McShep squeezes, and my very first slashy fic.

531 hits - Of Allergic Reactions and Needy Colonels With Rodney in the infirmary, John has way too much time to think. Fluffy McShep.

444 hits - Indulgence Rodney comes back from Earth after a short hiatus, a little changed. Pokey pokey! McShep. Who can resist Rodney!belly?!

385 hits - Erase You Gen. Rodney is having a breakdown in the middle of a parking lot. Or, a dead John Sheppard just broke into his car. Rodney's banking on insanity.

382 hits - Dammit Jim! Gen. Star Trek 2009. What happened after the grand escape, and before the ceremony. I totally needed some closure. This is usually my number one, most read fic on ff.net

350 hits - Through A Mirror, Home Gen. SGA/ThoughtCrimes. NSA Agent Brendan Dean accomplished in two weeks what the world's military couldn't do in six months. Find a geek. How hard could it be?

337 hits - Affinity Gen. af-fin-i-ty. N. Defintition: A natural attraction, liking, or feeling of kinship. Is there such a thing as too much interaction? John Sheppard finds out how effective his gene can be on an idyllic planet. This fic comes in at #2 on ff.net.

Doesn't seem like much, but to be found in the sea that is AO3, it's a miracle to me! My most proud stat is for an anime fic. Broken Smile is an Ouran High School Host Club fic coming in at 296 hits. That makes me totally happy.

OHSHC fic: Broken Smile

Summary: Tamaki could always make Kyoya smile, despite the bruises. Set after the end of the anime series.
Pairing: None
Category: Gen, H/C

A/N: Posted in other places; figured I'd keep my LJ acct current.

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Fandom: Le Chevalier d'Eon
Pairing: d'Eon/Durand/Lia-sorta
Rating: PG
Summary: d'Eon is Lia is d'Eon. Durand/d'Eon if you tip it sideways. I wanted to see Durand carry d'Eon just once. Insert this anywhere between early episodes.

Evil bunny.

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Holy crap. Seriously.

So... um... yeah. I have been trolling this site for new and interesting fan fic, and boy did I find some. This, however, does not help me to finish my own stupid fic that's been nearly three years in the making. Ugh.
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The Glades: Only the Lonely

A tag for Dirty Little Secrets

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